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Illegal holding of funds by paypal

I have been on Ebay for 12 years. Although I have changed accts a few times , I have always been at 100% feedback and Power seller. Which they take away all the time, who cares!! This is the third time in 9 months they have put my funds on hold in paypal. No warning, no complaints they just do it. It has now been two weeks on this hold. I am disabled and this is my work. I have ebay fees due. Shipping to get out and no funds.My acct will go negative in a few days. I call paypal and it is always the same bullshit lines. I am looking for a lawyer but know that it would be an up hill battle. Something needs to be done about these companies. Banks can’t even hold funds for 21 plus days!! I use to love selling on Ebay not anymore.The stress is killing me:(

Posted: November 1, 2012 at 2:48 pm

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2 thoughts on “Illegal holding of funds by paypal
  1. Gurozzo on

    ever thought if ditching paypal and use a merchant account instead? You san still sell on eBay without paypal you just need to find a ebay compatible merchant account and there are many that are. It’s impossible to rely on payal with them constantly putting funds on hold and limiting accounts.

  2. Chris on

    I had this problem while selling on eBay i should inform you that i found out from eBay / PayPal they do this if your spending the money too hard on your account as when i was selling and spending / withdrawing the money they did this to me and i asked them why this is what they told me