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I’m Done With PayPal

By Kirk

I have had 2 similar situations now and FINALLY am done with PayPal.  I have sold 2 separate items ($200 , $3000) I’m not sure if its a known scam or not , but on both items I was contacted to end my ebay auction early.  I did unfortunately and both were sent off as brand new.

The buyers then come back and state that the product is used or damaged or not as described (total crap) Well….what paypal will do is inform you that the buyer has filed a complaint… then you will find out there is a hold on the funds that you received a month or so ago….then they ask for information regarding the matter… matter what proof you have you will lose. AND…you do not get the fees back they took out the first time, AND they add a chargeback fee. 

I have no way of contacting a HUMAN at paypal.  I cant find any executives email addresses anyway. I will NEVER use Paypal again.  I will link this website to as many places as I can and on every auction or item I ever sell… Thanks for starting this web site.. I hope it helps many in the future.  If anyone has any emails of execs at PayPal please post them here…it may make a difference for people to send info to those guys…then again it probably wont.

Posted: May 7, 2012 at 7:23 am

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