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Issues refund but never got item back

I wanted to get rid of some of the items in my closet for more space and some extra cash. I sold my first four items with no problems, but after selling my REAL Chanel bag (for about $4,000 with proof of receipt and authentication), the buyer claimed it was fake or “not as described” and claimed a dispute.
I had decided to refund the buyer, not because she was right but because I had sympathy. Now, my PayPal account is frozen, the money was given back to the buyer, AND I did NOT even receive the bag nor did I receive a tracking number. I called PayPal several times to fix this issue; after uploading my files to prove the bag is real and that I had purchased it, I was guaranteed immediate rechecking on the account to see if they could pull the limitation. Nothing happened. Nothing. I have over $1,000 in my account and I can’t receive my funds. I did NOTHING wrong or illegal and now lost a bag and all the money I made for selling it. THANKS PAY PAL

Posted: May 19, 2015 at 8:07 pm

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2 thoughts on “Issues refund but never got item back
  1. Cindy Doyle on

    I sold an authentic coach purse on eBay for $50. One like it brand new goes for over $300. I posted 8 pictures and described the item as barely used and like new to see puctures. I also said no returns. After the lady received the purse I guess she decided she didn’t like it and filed a complaint with eBay requesting her money back stating the item was not as described. I disputed this because the pictures were there as well as the description I mentioned earlier. She said it had 8 signs of wear on the handles. Well as I said the purse was barely used and not new and see the pictures. However there were not any signs of wear or cracks on the straps or handles. She just didn’t want it for some unknown reason. EBay sided with her even after I made several attempts as to why I should not have to give a refund when I did nothing wrong and I did not have the money to give back at that time. Unfortunately paypal allowed eBay to hold back any future monies I had coming to my account and the refund was issued. This happened again within a week or two on the sale of a digital camera sold as is with no software. eBay sided with the buyer and I lost money again. They said they were trying to please both parties. I said hardly not because I’m not happy and your not right, I’m not a corporatation just an individual trying to earn a few extra dollars for Christmas.

    • Josef Bell on

      Sorry to here about your horror story. The truth is Paypal is a corrupt company that has billions of dollars at their disposal. They have frozen funds for legitimate business owners for 6 months at a time. I myself sent $850.00 to a friend in the Phillipines recently. The money was deducted from my bank account. Paypal held the money and did not send it to the recipient. I used the option of friends and family to send the funds. However since the Paypal recipient was not verified, they used that as an excuse to hold the funds. If they felt the recipient was invalid they should have rejected the transaction. However they held the funds and I tried to contact them to get it back. The response from Paypal is that they are reviewing the case and they will contact me. I even tried to speak to their customer service and was disconnected. Paypal engages in unfair business practices. I can understand Paypal rejecting the funds transfer but to hold my money hostage? How is that even legal? I pity people that must do business with paypal for I know they are a very corrupt corporation!