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It Was Nice At First

Writer Wishes To Remain Anonymous

Hey.  I am a college student at Clemson University – and here is my paypal story:

Being a typical college student, I am constantly searching for money.  I decided one day to start up a small “ebay business” and sell my painting and models online.  For the first few weeks everything was working out fine, and my business began to boom.  I was selling over 100+ items a week, and found it a huge pain in the ass to deal with all of the 20 – 50 dollar checks and money orders, also bank clearing took too long, and I found it difficult to study, paint, and goto PackMail 1500 times a week – so I made the worst choice of my life and decided to sign up for paypal.

At first, Paypal was really nice.  I was able to receive payments instantly, and ship out more items with less concerns.  I then found it nice to send funds for any supplies or equiptment off ebay – everything was working out well.

Untill…one day I shipped out a rather large painting to a customer in New York.  The price was 130 dollars and as usual, I used FedEx with insurance (just in case).  Well, after over 1000 near-flawless transactions, this was the day that my item was lost in the mail.  I called up FedEx, and the guy signed off for it – so he was obiviously lying.  He then reported the transaction as fradulent, and paypal sent me an email notifing that they were going to “investigate the case”.  I sent recpits, payments, bank transactions, an email from fedex, AND a picture of the damn thing – but no…not good enough for paypal.  They decided to limit my account, with all of my college funds in there – totalling over 15,000 dollars!!  It has been over 6 months now – my account is closed, they just decided to delete it from their system.  My money is gone, I am not able to get in touch with them.

In conclusion – I am now 19 – turning 20 in a few weeks, and am attending a local community college.  I have 2 jobs, and am barely able to pay and do well in school.  I had a great life before – I had money, good grades and a great school.  I am in the pits now, and sadly – I really do see a “lesson learned here”, I mean i didnt benefit at all, I was under the understanding that this was a FDIC insured bank, under law or something.  What can I do?

Posted: May 9, 2012 at 11:29 am

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