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Item not as described dispute

In Dec. of 2013 i opened a case against a seller who sent me a skirt which was not the color as described in her listing. I received a purple and e-mailed her to let her know I was dissatisfied with the color, She argued back and forth and I finally opened a case stating I did not receive what I ordered. This is one of e-bay’s policies “if you don’t get what you ordered we willl make sure you get what you ordered” which is a lot of bull. The case went on and on until I sent the skirt back and E-bay IMMEDIATELY CLOSED THE CASE IN FAVOR OF THE SELLER because I sent the skirt back. Please show me the clause that states that you should not sent the item back UNLESS YOU GET PERMISSION FROM E-bay which is rather ridiculous,to say the least.

Then on top of that, I left negative feedback for the seller and E-bay immediately erased the feedback to further add to my grievamce and I was left with no skirt and no money. I e-mailed the seller stating that I was a 91 year old widow and need the skirt to I could sell it but she never replied and kept both the $90,75 plus the skirt which I think might perhaps be illegal or certainly unfair.

It seems to me the from the start e-bay favored the seller and gave me absolutely no satisfaction whatsoever even though I have been with e-bay for over l0 years andl the seller has been with e-bay just a few months.

To say that I am livid about this case is to put it mildly/ I have been terribly dissatisfied with e-bay’s action, especially when they interfered with my negatve feedback as I do not feel they had a right to do so.

Your “if you do not get what you ordered” we will make it right” is quite false.

Posted: April 23, 2014 at 4:39 pm

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