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First Item was not received then not as described. Which one is it??

Paypal hold my money because my buyer asked me to refund half the money because she opened the game and find that there is no memory inside which is not true.
My buyer started sending to me messages saying that she did not receive the game. I told her that i sent it and cannot find the tracking number which was true. than she started insulting me that I was bashing her.
I hopefully found the receipt with the tracking number and sent it to her, the tracking stated that she personally received the game and signed for it a week ago. Than she said that she opened the game and there is no memory inside. paypal is holding all the money the buyer asked a refund of 50 % i have to wait until 4 of march to see what Ebay will decide but all my money is held. if i want my money back I have to resolve the case which is basically refunding the buyer. i refuse to refund the buyer, from the beginning she was planning a refund and I surprised her by showing her the tracking number stating that she signed personally for it a week before she was asking for a proof from me. Paypal needs to do something about this kind of fraud that buyers are doing; trying to get something for nothing.

Posted: February 15, 2013 at 6:02 pm

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