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Item Not As Described

I purchased a red puffer feather down jacket, women extra large on Feb 15th 2014. Despite the tag inside the SERGIO VALENTE Jacket I purchased marked extra large. I could not put my arm through the jacket, consequently the jacket was cut incorrectly in a size much smaller than a typical women extra large would fit correctly. I wrote to the seller and she claimed the jacket was not a child’s size? which I never mentioned in my letter.
The seller further commented ” If I did not know the brand of the jacket, or be familiar with I should not have purchased the jacket.!
On E-bay with the millions of buyers ( myself included) a huge amount of buyers are totally unaware of the name or manufacturer when a purchase is made to the seller!

Consequently, Paypal has issued a claim my total cost paid to this seller is $30.94. This seller denies the jacket was incorrectly described. I believe if the jacket were narrow or snug that should have been mentioned in the description. The seller is very irate and has written several negative remarks targeted at me at present. This seller is not representative of the excellence of e-bay sellers. I would appreciate a refund of my purchase or some action taken with this seller who is not representing her items accurately to buyers and is very negative and hostile. What can I do?

Posted: February 25, 2014 at 8:39 pm

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