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Taking Legal Action

By Lorraine

My name is Lorraine and I have been selling online for sometime now. Using paypal for 95% of all my transactions.

Recently I started doing very well and was so excited. After working long and hard for over a year now it finally started to pay off. I started out small and then worked my way up. I was receiving payments daily into my account and completing all my transactions, my customers were all giving me a good name and everything was working out perfect!

Then suddenly a limit appeared on my account. I called paypal and they told me the only information they could provide was that my account was associated with another account ending in the domain name, but they lifted my limits.

While trying to figure out what that was all about I continued working. Then again on the 27th of Dec, another
limit was placed on my account only this time they refused to remove it. Claiming the same information. I have called them none stop but I get nowhere. I advised a supervisor that I have not completed all my transactions yet….his response \”we understand but we are sorry\” I also mntioned that I need to issue a refund, do an exchange, I need to order something and I am also waiting for a very large refund. He said I could accept the refund if I have the person contact them on my behalf. yeah ok…..let me submit another $900 to my balance so Paypal will now have more money.

All together paypal is holding $1,186.82 not including the money I am waiting for. My customers who are waiting are  tarting to get very upset and ALL my money is tied in this account. Considering I use my paypal debit card for personal and business reasons. I am unable to provide for my family at this time and my business is slowly going down hill. I visited website a few times since then and have received comforting information on some steps to take. I reported paypal to the BBB, FTC, CoScone, and a few other places……I also contacted the attorney generals office and the 2 people listed on this site that work for paypal.(Thank you for that help!) Results after doing so: Paypal placed my account under another investigation claiming that my SS# does not match me(ha ha ha EXCUSE ME?????) they are claiming that I am commiting fraud and that they need more proof of who I am including utility bills, bank statements, business information, and many others.

I never knew that I needed all this information to sell my personal items, not to mention why would mastercard release a debit card to me if my SS# does not match who I am? Also why hasn’t paypal contacted me about this information when I first started selling? Don’t you find it funny that my account went under yet another investigation after I reported them? And a credit check? I need to have perfect credit to sell my items and accpet payments or better yet I need to have good credit in order to provide for my family. If you ask me its just another attempt to keep my money. Also why didn’t this happen when I only had 20 dollars in my account?

They wait until I have a good amount of money. Wait this is the best part…… A customer filed a dispute but yet they received there item. paypal will not allow me to respond to this dispute and although I followed everything correctly and even called them about this (also submitted a tracking #) they say that if my buyer does not cancel it on her end a refund may be issued and I would need to handle it with the buyer. OMG so now they are going to give my money to someone plus an item.

So I am in HUGE bind now and paypal does not give a D_ _ _.

Anyway I have decided to contact an attorney and take legal action against paypal for the release of my funds, for my business being ruin and basically all together the stress they are causing my family and I.

I was wondering if anyone on here might consider writing me an email/letter with your horror story and the impact paypal has had on you. The one lawyer I spoke with told me that some letters and proof from others will help in my case, if anyone has any suggestions I am open for them. Please contact me. I need as much help as I can get in this matter and I will not stop until I win!

Please help!!!

Contact me at and we can discuss, or maybe just send me an email including your name with your story. If you feel more comfortable getting to me first before submitting all your information please by all means email me for that as well. Any little thing can help and hopefully one day paypal is knocked down! I myself will not be able to do it alone.

Wish me luck my appointment with the attorney is on Wed. I will try to keep posts with updates if interested.

Thank you for your time,


Posted: May 7, 2012 at 7:53 am

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One thought on “Taking Legal Action
  1. Michelle Alford on

    Is there any type of petition or legal movement that you can sign or be apart of going against both PayPal & eBay???