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Letter To Better Business Bureau

By Mike

Letter to BBB National 05/26/2004

I am sure you have gotten this complaint many, many times and I am quite sure that there is nothing you folks can do to help me in my situation. PayPal has decided to freeze over 15,000.00 in my PayPal Account.

I am probably guilty of not understanding what could happen, from everyone who I spoken to about this they have explained to me how ignorant I was for leaving that much money in my account. I was told by a PayPal customer service rep not to worry about loosing my money that that this only happens to people that are thieves or foreigners, which I am neither.

The truly shameful aspect of this ongoing cycle at PayPal is that it seems they have negotiated with your organization a platform by which they have publicly stated that they were changing the ways they attended to their customers needs and would work diligently with you to improve their standing in the consumers eye, this supposedly at your urging,. This now seems to have guaranteed them the sanctity of an untarnished or unreported record from your organization. From my over 20 hours of research on this subject along with my own recent experience would lead me to believe that they have not changed their ways at all and they have succeeded in getting your organization to hide the complaints and disputes of consumers which must be in the thousands.

Eventually this company must be drawn in to the restraints of common and ethical business practice for the protection of the American Consumer, thousands of people are being hurt by this companys imperialistic authority over the money people entrust to them.

Currency no matter the brand or origin is the commodity of greatest value to an individual consumer and should demand the stewardship and unparalleled consumer trust of any organization that holds it, a consumers currency is his or hers life blood and should be protected by your organization with a higher standard than for any other product, good or service.

I think that as a protection agency you have failed at the core of your mission to allow this company to continue to operate in this fashion, each day another one or one-hundred consumers are unwittingly damaged by the actions of this company, with no available recourse. Has your organization forgotten the very group that it has a chartered duty to protect?

I will leave it at that, there is no cause for me to get into further details; my case is like all the other legitimate, non-foreign law abiding consumers. I have already been informed by PayPal Management that a complaint to your organization regarding these matters would be defended in a pre-arranged understanding between your organization and PayPal Inc. that allows this company to circumvent any responsibility, blame or demand by use of a contract that has been deemed by your organization as binding and unchallengeable. I can assume that this agreement will also allow your organization to feel good about your ongoing dedication to the protection of the consumer and the overall betterment of the practice of business in this country.

Your seal once brought a feeling of trust to the consumer and the businesses that displayed it demanded respect, I am not so sure that is the case today.

Posted: May 7, 2012 at 11:38 am

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