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Letter to Legal Department of Paypal

Dear Legal Department of Paypal,
I was the potential buyer of a download from Lucid Enterprises Inc. This letter is a formal arbitration request regarding PayPal’s Claims Resolution decision that was made regarding an item I have not received, and that PayPal continues to try and charge my bank and credit cards for. To date I have expended a lot of time trying to prevent PayPal for collecting money from me for a product I have not received and no longer want. I have expended a lot of negative energy and costs, including a bank fee of $31.00, for what should have been a simple situation. I want payment for my costs associated with PayPal’s improper actions.
In short, the conflict resolution process with the buyer by PayPal has been done in an “Arbitrary and Capricious” manner. There has been a presumption of “guilty” on the part of the buyer by PayPal’s representative regarding this transaction, despite the admissions from the seller regarding the transaction problems with me. Just because a Seller recognizes that there were problems in a purchase, is no reason to hold a buyer responsible to have to buy their product after the buyer has moved on due to lack of communication and performance from the seller. PayPal’s has an obligation to follow Consumer protection laws, and in my case they have not done this.
Details and reasons for asking for arbitration:
PayPal did not follow their written Agreement with me as the buyer. For example: Proof of delivery was not provided to me, despite the fact that I asked for it. For the record, I have not received or used any product from Lucid Enterprises Inc, nor do I need what I wanted to purchase any longer. Item as described was not addressed. Contact information for Lucid Enterprises Inc. was impossible via their email protocol, and by their not having any listed phone number to call. Requests from PayPay for their contact information went unanswered. Location and phone number of Lucid Enterprises Inc. is unknown and a possible problem.
PayPal did not follow several of their written Agreements with the Seller, regarding guideline requirements from the Buyer. For example: No proof of delivery was ever provided to PayPal and then forwarded to me. In fact information PayPal received from Lucid Enterprises notes why I was unable to download the item.



Posted: July 27, 2012 at 3:01 pm

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One thought on “Letter to Legal Department of Paypal
  1. Marta on

    Best of luck to you Frank. I hope you get some kind of justice. It seems kind of silly of PayPal to drag something so simple out like this. You never got what you paid for so they should issue a refund. There is no tracking number showing the item was ever shipped.Why does PayPal always have to make things so complicated? I hope this is your last transaction with PayPal.