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My letter to paypal, long shot hoping for some help

My letter to paypal:

Paypal Issue Mass Email

I am at my wits end with your company and your employees whom either are rude to me, talk down to me or ask for personal information ( social security number etc) which I know they are not allowed to do!
To start the past couple of weeks I have gone to places in which you can use your paypal account to pay with and enter in all the correct info in which everytime it denies it and prints out this paper on their cash register saying I cannot use my account at this time and I have had more than enough money in my account. So I have to ask the sales clerk to hold my stuff to the side and they have to void out their register so I can call and get permission from y’all to use my own money! In which every time they say how sorry they are and have done whatever it is they do to let me use my own money and tell me that it is taken care of and will never happen again and yet it does everytime. This has been quite embarrassing and not only a hassle for me but for the store as well. One of the last times I used my step daughters phone to call from due to mine being dead, in which for some reason the rep added that number to my account and NEVER should have!!! She is in noway associated with my account or have anything to do with it or know anything about it! I simply used her phone to make a call to y’all. Also on this call your limitations rep told me there was some limitation on my account and went over some questions about my account and things only I would know on it and removed it and said it would not happen again!
Now a few days ago I get an email stating my account is yet limited again and then 10 minutes later get one saying it is restored and I had not even had a chance to call yet to see what in the world y’all had done now. Then the next day I get another one saying it is limited again and y’all want all sorts of information that does not even pertain to y’all. So I call and explain all over again exactly what I told y’all when opened this account that all things sold are items of mine or friends and family that ask me to sell things for them that do not have the time to do so. Nothing is sold through eBay whatsoever and is done through an auction app called tophatter (which I explained as well) and everything is done through them as far as shipping and refunds etc. Therefore it would have nothing to do with my paypal account, it is simply an option for people to pay their won auctions through. I went over everything with the customer service rep in which apparently didn’t not understand anything I was saying and went in circles with and just kept saying well we can hold your account at anytime at our sole discretion. And was eventually hung up on by the rep. I then spoke with my lawyer about all this in which I was informed that cannot not legally hold my money at your sole discretion. As well as he did some research and found quite a few suits against y’all for the exact same reason as well as many complaints at the BBB. In which he advised me to file one with also. I then called back the next day in which again I went over everything that has happened. At which point could still not tell me exactly why it was placed or anything and in fact told me ” I have no clue why it was placed it doesn’t make sense you don’t have any cases against you.” And was told they would go ahead and remove the limitations and should be restored in 24 hours. So 24 hours later still not restored. So called back to again go over everything in which I spoke with a guy named Ken whom was very rude, kept asking me for my full social security number which I told him i was not comfortable in giving to him and aren’t allowed to ask for , can only ask for last 4 digits which I provided at beginning of call to verify whom I was. Again we went in circles and he talked down to me. Upon finally him asking if I had family members whom had accounts with y’all which I told him yes. And was told he was going to look into all my family’s accounts in order to research this. In which I told him no do not start going through my family’s accounts they have nothing to do with mine and vice versa. And I don’t want you messing with their accounts for no reason as well. None of them are connected to mine and don’t even know any of my info. In which he said fine and hung up on me. Then an hour later I get an email saying that y’all have done some research and have closed my account. After which I called my lawyer to update on the latest and then 30 minutes later I get an email saying my account is restored. In which I log in and it is not! So I called your escalations dept direct and spoke with a Chris whom now says it is because that one call I used my step daughters phone that they added her number to my account which linked mine to hers and she owes awhole lot on her account which I had no clue about. That is her business not mine. So Chris tells me that he has to have all these forms of id and bank statement and my full social security card number in order to restore it. In which I have explained that we have had identity theft in our family before as well as some friends I know whom have, one if which sent over his ID to y’all and a week later had all these credit cards opened in his name. And I do not feel comfortable sending all that personal info. I verified the last four of my social in which I am pretty sure is not the same as my step daughters! So Chris says well this is the only way and will send me the link to upload all this stuff directly to him. In which I never have received this email and has almost been 24 hours since was told that. Once again I spoke with my lawyer to tell him the update and has started the complaint to file with BBB. This is just so ridiculous and of course I know y’all don’t care because it’s not your money! And just FYI everyone was donating things of theirs to sell so that we could raise money for a friend of ours at church whom found out her 3 year old has leukemia. But it’s not y’all’s child or money so doesn’t seem to matter.
I am so frustrated and angry and have been googling and seeing all the other people whom have done this to and all the lawsuits that are out there. I guess I need to record all my conversations as other people have done.
Can you please do something to fix this so that I can have access to MY MONEY which under federal law you cannot legally withhold from me.

Posted: June 30, 2014 at 6:29 pm

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