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Liars And Thiefs

By Nicholas

First off im a veriefied bussiness account on paypal, with credit cards, and bank account on there. My story goes like this, I sold patriots season tickets on ebay for $1,800.00, buyer payed me through paypal, i sent the tickets. Everything is fine, I had the money in the account. I sold 3 coin sets totaling 3,500.00 on ebay. Soon, after I received payment, I refreshed the screen, and it said your account is limited, because we received supicous activity emails from more than one buyer.

I only sold 4 items, and 3 just had ended the same day. I contacted all buyers, and they did not report anything, and the guy who received the tickets, was very happy with his purchase. He already got the tickets in the mail. I called paypal, 10 times, on hold over 10  min each, they were rude on the phone, and hung-up multiple times. Finally they said to refund the buyers, to unfreeze account. So, I figured to refund the coin payment and to have them pay another way. They refunded all the money accept for one coin payment, and they even refunded the ticket buyer. I called them again, and they said they would fix it in 48 hours. I then received an email the next day, stating that im no longer able to use paypal, and because of security, we have to part ways. They said that i could have my money in 180 days.

Well, so I had 1,100 in there, they had now frozen it. Well everything is correct on this website, they say the exact words, “the money is yours” “we didnt take it” etc. but, they did freeze my money. I cant explain in to words all they have done wrong, but they are liers, and theifs.

Posted: May 8, 2012 at 7:00 am

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