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Limitation/verification nightmare with PayPal

Sold a large volume of items and received payments via paypal.  They immediately froze my account and wanted all this information (vendor/supplier info, bank account info, shipping info…etc).  Understandable I suppose.  I provided everything they wanted and the limitation was finally lifted after about 15 phone calls and a weeks time.  Not 3 weeks later and now SAME THING.  They want the SAME EXACT INFORMATION now!!!  The limitation was initiated by the risk management department and handed to a person named “Cheryl”.  This all happened on a monday and since Cheryl only works Wednesday thru Saturday… I had to wait until wednesday for anyone to even look at my account.  Since the limitation again, I cannot ship or invoice from paypal because the account is frozen.  I am receiving negative feedback on ebay because of that.  I left about 10 voicemails for Cheryl to return my call because every other agent I speak to says that SHE is the ONLY person who can remove the limitation. I can not get in contact with her and she has not returned one of my phone calls.  I finally after 3 days got a hold of a women named Kimberly from the same department.  She put me on hold and said that she is right next to Cheryl and that she is reviewing the information and Cheryl will call me back shortly.  I demanded to speak with her then and there and she denied my request.  It’s been 4 hours and no phone call back.

This company is an absolute JOKE.  I will email and call every single executive… ceo… owner.. I can find.

Posted: May 14, 2012 at 4:07 pm

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6 thoughts on “Limitation/verification nightmare with PayPal
  1. Suzanne Wong on

    Why does Paypal do that? They did the exact thing to me. Limited my account pending verification. I think it would be a better practice to ask for all of this when people sign up with paypal rather than wait until you have a sale forcing you to pit everything on hold. Anyway, I sent everything in that Paypal had requested and limitations were lifted. A month later the exact thing happen again and now it is just pissing me off. How am I supposed to run a business with constant limitations and having to send the same documentation in to paypal every month. Can’t they just keep it on file?? And like you said trying to get in contact with someone to help you is impossible.

  2. Thomas on

    That’s how paypal works. its like they don’t want you to make money. I can stand them anymore. After using them for over 7 years they started limiting my account and giving me bullshit excuses as to why and I had to keep “supplying” the same information over and over again!

  3. LisaLisa on

    Problem is…the same asshat who just got fired from Yahoo for lying about his resume and education is the same person who was at Paypal originally. these are the type of people who run Paypal. UNETHICAL

  4. Nivea Casablanca on

    Thats pay pals customer service for ya! You pour your heart into your business provide them with all your paper documentation and yet the still deny access to the representative working on your case. You would figure if you already submitted the documents the needed they would hold it for future reference. Its a shame they are so unorganized!!!!

  5. jennifer lewelling on

    Can’t get the limitations off my damn account this is been an on going issure and I am not happy with PayPal right now