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Limited 8 months ago and just limited again

Ok get this about 8 months ago my Paypal get limited so I called them and sent them a bank statement a gas bill and a copy of my drivers license and all they told me was they would get back to me so two day later I get a email saying they had lifted my account restrictions and I was very happy because I been doing business with them for 5 years and they had 5150.00 of my money. so now 8 months later I get a email saying my account was limited again so I went straght to my computer and loged on and there it was account is limited so I called paypal to fine out what is going on well so I say they told me that my account has been permanently limited and they said I could do appeal on it so I did and I got a email back saying that my account will not be lifted, now I am sick first of all they have 8267.02 of my money and I can t figure out why I have not done nothing diffrent from 8 months ago I am still going though the same clints I been useing 8 months ago and now that they blocked me I am out of a job I have been doing about 6000.00 a month to nothing and they dont care. then I found this site and it is very helpful but the only thing is that maybe it was my credit so I checked my credit my low one is 702 and my high one is 757 so I dont think it is my credit and I cant figure out why they did it to me. Paypal sucks.

Posted: September 12, 2012 at 2:03 pm

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One thought on “Limited 8 months ago and just limited again
  1. Leroy on

    Hate to tell you this but you should have stopped using paypal 8 months ago when they unlimited your account and you could withdraw your money. There are hundreds of reasons why your paypal could have been limited and paypal is not going to tell you why. Instead they will hold your money for 180 days and earn some interest on it and then after 180 days you can ask for your money back.