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Limited account because of suspected money laundering

My account was limited because I had received gbp 1900 in one year, and was therefore considered a money launderer. The deposits paypal sent for me to confirm my bank account took 4 days to arrive, and after submitting them to confirm my account I tried to withdraw my money – gbp 2800…however, they put a security review on this and said it would take 48hrs for the system to check the transaction (?). This despite the fact that confirming your bank account was for security purposes anyway. After many angry phone calls during which I learnt that the machine has 100% control, I was warned that actually the withdrawal would take another 72hrs at least, as they only consider “working days” – obviously the machine does not work weekends. UPSHOT…two weeks after requesting my withdrawal, I still do not have MY MONEY and I am starting to doubt I will ever see my money. I have done everything asked for by Paypal and still they are jerking me around. You never mess with a man and his money. Needless to say I will not be using paypal after I have been able to recover my money.

Posted: August 22, 2012 at 2:38 pm

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2 thoughts on “Limited account because of suspected money laundering
  1. MarianneG on

    This is just another excuse from paypal to hold your money and use it, among with thousands of other users money that they are holding, to make short term investments and earn interest on. Using paypal is about as safe as taking your money to the casino. You may get your money back but you are more likely to lose it all. I can’t believe there are still people signing up for paypal. By now they must have screwed over enough people so everyone knows what scum they are.

  2. Onex on

    Once your account is limited or shut down you will have to wait 180 days to get your money back. This is so they can make some more money off you. This helps them stay rich. I love how they lie and say you will get your money in 72 hours when they know damn well that isn’t true. They will say whatever to get customers off the phone