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Limited for false reasons

I hold a website and a business paypal account, and the motherfuckers at paypal limited my account permanently for, hear this , for being paid for sexually or obscene services, lol, i am guy btw and straight guy, anyway they don’t have any proof that i have used my paypal for that, but i have used my paypal to receive multiple transactions for the sum of 500$ from 20 different transactions and for just 1 of these transaction that made a claim. i now have my paypal account limited permanently for offering sexual services (which I don’t), i have sent multiple emails to paypal, but they have told me stop annoying them, lol, and now i have 182$ frozen by them and also i have a lost of 200$ transactions that i was’t able to charge because i have my paypal limited, SO FUCK YOU PAYPAL, ROT IN HELL.

Posted: November 4, 2014 at 7:26 pm

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