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Limited because my “last two items SOLD FOR TOO MUCH MONEY”

I recently listed two items on ebay to sell. I started one at 99 cents with NR, the other at $49 NR as it was a Navy aviation antique from WWII. To my pleasant surprise, the 99 cent item ended up selling for $605! (made of fine silver). The antique item did better than expected and sold after only 5 days for over $700. All was great!…or so i thought. My wonderful customers paid promptly to my paypal account and I shipped out items that same day. Next day, I wanted to send my parents some money. Logged into Paypal to find “…your account has been limited…funds on hold….click here to resolve…” blah blah blah…hmmmm? So, I *clicked here* as it requested and it went to a page requesting Proof of Delivery for the “transactions listed below”. But guess what…there was NOTHING “listed below”. Did they want the proof of delivery for the transactions that had just completed and Shipped less than 24 hours previously?? I printed out the shipping labels THROUGH THE PAYPAL site! I was lost. No problem…this is certainly a simple error…I will call Paypal and simply straighten this out. WRONG! Long story short…I was told that my account was limited because my “last two items SOLD FOR TOO MUCH MONEY…” because I didnt sell many things in the past, and nothing over $50, so why now am I selling such valuable items?! Seriously? Hell, I had NO IDEA those items would sell for that much! I thought that was a good thing! Now I’m being told I have done something wrong! Furthermore, I would have to wait until both packages are delivered, provide proof of this delivery, and then they would review my account again. What does package delivery have to do with the selling cost of the item? To make matters worse, this happened during the THanksgiving holiday when mail was delayed. So I am still waiting for the packages to be delivered so I can log onto the PAYPAL WEBSITE and TRACK MY PACKAGE through the PAYPAL WEBSITE and then PROVIDE PAYPAL with the tracking information that I got from, again, the FREAKING PAYPAL WEBSITE!! Until then, they are just holding onto my very much needed $1300!! And all because I had the awful luck of selling two items for what they were worth. Guess I should have given them away. –Sincerely, Saddened and Frustrated

Posted: November 28, 2012 at 3:19 pm

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One thought on “Limited because my “last two items SOLD FOR TOO MUCH MONEY”
  1. Zane on

    nothing with paypal makes any sense. I’ve been a power seller for years on ebay but now paypal have decided to hold all payments received for 21 days because I dropped too low in their shipping rating. They said that I can offer free shipping to avoid this but I can’t afford that, i only make about 10% on what I am selling as is and that profit margin will be gone should I have to offer free shipping.