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Limited, got limits lifted only to be limited again

I recently sold a watch on eBay, before the auction on eBay finished, I sent paypal the necessary documents to lift my account limits. After the watch was sold and the buyer paid through paypal, I called paypal because my limits still hadn’t been lifted, so about an hour after I had called paypal, my limits got lifted. I tried withdrawing the money into my bank account and after about a couple hours, the money still hadn’t made an appearance so I checked my paypal and saw that the withdrawal had been reversed because paypal had limited my account again. There were steps to remove the limitation and I followed them and sent the necessary documents. Then two days later, paypal said they were holding my money for 180 days. I called twice that morning and never got a clear reason as to why my account was suspended on eBay because paypal said so.

Posted: October 21, 2013 at 6:21 pm

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