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Limited one minute after I sold an iPad

I sold an ipad i won in a pub raffle on ebay yesterday, the buyer paid through paypal and no more than a minute after I accepted the payment my account was limited, I refunded her the money but they have that on hold too, this has happened to her twice this week, now shes broke and so am I. Its bullshit, between us we were both told 5 different stories, 2 of the paypal customers service reps were so rude, I called one of them a rotten c**t amongst various other colourful words because thats all they are, nothing but a pack of scamming rorting c**ts, theyre not even a recognised financial institution, as for safe payment method, bullshit I had no seller protection but they wanted me to send my ipad to the seller before I got payment! What a joke, the quicker these arseholes are policed by a banking ombudsman body the happier the consumer will be because they wont be able to just take money from people who sell their shit cause they desperately need the cash. I HATE PAYPAL

Posted: September 17, 2012 at 6:14 pm

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One thought on “Limited one minute after I sold an iPad
  1. Sadie on

    My account was limited right after I opened it so I contacted paypal, which was NOT easy and they told me that there was an old account linked to my account that I had just opened and the old account had an outstanding balance that I have to pay if I wanted the limitations lifted…like I need paypal that bad. I just use my credit card to buy stuff.