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Got limited because of who I rented out my house to.

I am currently going through a terrible experience with Ebay because of Paypal. I have recently attempted to start a business on ebay, all was going well until suddenly my account was limited for apparently no reason. So I contacted ebay to be told that the reason for my a selling limit was imposed was that I was linked to my tenant who obviously lives in a property I own. Although my rating has been 100% for 12 years because of this link I have had to submit all kinds of id and evidence to support my claim. However, they maintain that even thought they have my details and can see I am not connected to him, the “system” will always think I am. I explained that I cannot sell anything because of the restriction but I have up until now not got anywhere. So this 12-13 years long standing and faithful customer with 100% rating has been stuffed because I dared to rent my house to someone who used ebay albeit not very well

Posted: September 21, 2012 at 5:24 pm

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One thought on “Got limited because of who I rented out my house to.
  1. Heikka on

    PayPal’s system is messed up beyond repair. I got limited because the person that lived in the apartment that I moved in to 4 months ago has an out standing balance and paypal wants me to pay the previous tenants negative balance if I want to keep using paypal. Trust me I don’t want to use paypal that badly. Not like there arent better options.