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Limited for supposedly owing on another account

my account was just limited for supposedly owing ( I have only had one paypal account ever) on another account they linked me with from some mysterious personal information that I have no clue what it is or where it came from- the account they say owed was closed so long ago the statute of limitations already expired and they never even agree on how much owed comparing emails to what they say on the phone – they even threaten to take the account with a positive balance and use it to pay the one they link me to and since balance right now is 0 it will just transfer the negative balance and draft my bank account and is really violating garnishment laws since there is no court order to take money for paying some debt — the greedy company called paypal need to be stopped.

Posted: January 11, 2013 at 3:51 pm

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One thought on “Limited for supposedly owing on another account
  1. Jeffrey Dean on

    Paypal has limited my account because I made several “claims” against an online gaming company in China. This company sold me “virtual” cash for their game then locked me out of the account without legal justification. The thing is PayPal states in their Resolution Center that, even though you may not get refunds for “virtual” non-tangible goods you may still file a claim for them at the resolution center. Despite this they now limit my account (after 12 years with Paypal and NO OTHER claims through the resolution center). They will not allow me to even CLOSE the account or remove my banking information! How can this POSSIBLY be legal? They have NO JUSTIFICATION at all in any of the their rules or agreements for limiting my account and it says “this action cannot be appealed.” I called Paypal and they actually HUNG UP on me. Furthermore, they have limited my SON’S account as well because he is a JR and has the same name as me and at ONE TIME we shared the same address (he is after all my son).