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Got limited TWENTY MINUTES after I verified my debit card

So, this may be an insignificant experience compared to that of other people. My Paypal account got limited TWENTY MINUTES after I verified my debit card. I had to go through all the trouble to get a new bank account so I could get another debit card, so that the limitation could be “lifted”. It was limited for unusual activity on my first card, but the ONLY statements on my card, ever since I got it were the 20 Mexican Pesos it charged, since I live in Mexico. I tried to link the second card to lift the limitation, but it didn’t work at all. The risk was “too great” so I got banned. I mean, is it some sort of stupid joke? An account that has only managed $60 MXN (which is like 4.50) is too “risky for fraud”.
This is really the stupidest thing that I have ever come across, and 4.50 is nothing, but there is other people that have hade thousands of dollars held for 6 months for no reason.

But my big question is Why does paypal have any access to what is going on in my bank account/debit card? Am I not free to use my bank account to purchase what ever I want if I link it to paypal? Why is paypal tracking what I use my bank account for I never gave them permission to do that. Not even the government has access to what I do with my bank account without a warrant.

Posted: March 12, 2013 at 5:41 pm

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2 thoughts on “Got limited TWENTY MINUTES after I verified my debit card
  1. John Pearson on

    The same thing happened to me a few years ago.
    Paypal drew money out of my bank account to refund a scammer which put me in a hole.Overdrawn payment which costed me more money.I had to close out my bank account and reopen another one after I got the old account straightened out.
    I quit paypal a long time ago.I will never deal with paypay ever again.
    Not only that;paypal limited 3 other accounts I had before then.
    I belive after 4 paypal accounts,I finally learned my lesson.I can’t afford to lose any more money.So,no more paypal for me.And I wouldn’t advise anyone else to open a paypal account either.

  2. Master M on

    Same deal as above.

    Little activity on my account so when I logged in I had restrictions and now I have to try and get a card verified.

    Dealing with having an australian account and after moving country this is where the problems began.
    Cannot get through to tehm by phone or e-mail.