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Local pick-up was fraud transaction

I sold an item on eBay for £900….it was paid for through Paypal…the buyer came and collected the item and just to have a proof i ask them to send an email confirming the collection; they sent the email and I gave them the item.

3 days later Paypal withdrew the money of my account cause apparently the transaction was fraudulent and they don’t care that I have the proof of collection…I was told that cause I don’t have tracking number I am not covered full stop.
I just lost the item and the money..if the security is so bad they should pay for their mistakes…it is a second time similar story has happened to me…shame I did not learn from the first one….is there anything I can do?

Posted: January 16, 2013 at 6:56 pm

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One thought on “Local pick-up was fraud transaction
  1. Clara on

    Anytime someone is picking up something they are buying from you demand CASH. If they want to pay using paypal you are guaranteed that they will claim unauthorized transaction and get their money back while keeping what they bought from you. Paypal should just stop allowing local pick-up as 90% of all those transactions are fraudulent.