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Long waiting periods to get my money with PayPal

I join Paypal as a faster way (I thought) to receive my paycheck from Paypal to transfer to my bank, as my employer is in Florida and uses Paypal often. It has been 7 days not included weekends since I made a request and I still have not receive my transfer from Paypal to my bank account. So the money I have left in Paypal I requested to close my Paypal account and to transfer the remaining amount of money to my bank account. I don’t trust Paypal and would not recommend anyone else to trust this company. For me its back to US postal service.

Posted: April 22, 2015 at 6:35 pm

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One thought on “Long waiting periods to get my money with PayPal
  1. uqs on

    I had similar problem.
    I transfered 1000 dollar to my local bank account but not received since May 5th, 2015 (25 days as of today). Everytime I call paypal they say they sent but the bank says they never received anything. We double checked bank account number and it is correct. Paypal says they are tracing the transaction but every time i call they say no news! Couldn’t be worse than this.

    I will never use paypal anymore and I may make an official complaint about this and get a lawyer to get my money back.