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I have lost over $10k thanks to Paypal

I started a business in January 2014 hosting online parties via Facebook. It was very successful until one woman decided to start her own business doing the same exact thing. She then told everyone at the Facebook parties that I was a fraud and to file against me on Paypal. Well, since the items were already shipping, meaning the product was purchased with their money, the money they were asking to be refunded was gone. Since Paypal is linked to my banking account when there was no money left in Paypal it started taking money from my personal account, causing me multiple overdraft charges.
I wrote Paypal and explained that this was an attack against my business and asked them not to allow Paypal to be used as a tool. They never responded. I even started putting the response in the claims against me, that Paypal should be ashamed of themselves for allowing themselves to be used to hurt someone. No response. I emailed Paypal begging them to unlink my bank account, telling them I could not feed my family or buy my husbands diabetic medication because of the over draft fees, and that the attack was out of my control. No response.
Now, 6-months later, I’ve lost over $10,000.00, have shut off notices on my electric and gas, can’t register my vehicles, couldn’t even afford to file my taxes! Thanks Paypal, for allowing someone to use you as a weapon.

Posted: June 19, 2014 at 4:52 pm

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