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Lost chargeback despite shipped item

I lost a chargeback issued against me by a buyer’s credit card company (credit card company unknown to me). Even though the item I sold was sent, I had proof of postage. The credit card company took the money for the item AND an unreasonably large admin fee from my account. Paypal said they did their best to dispute it, but even though I informed them, I could not attach a proper response during the period of dispute. I lost the chargeback, it is so frustrating as I have a perfect ebay record and Paypal did NOTHING to support me. As a result I lost a substantial amount of money, AND I sent the item. The item was sent to Latvia and it was clearly fraudulent. I’m a keen ebayer (seller and buyer) but am really reluctant to continue because of what has happened. Do I have any comeback at all against PayPal or the credit card company or do I just have to bend over and take it?

Posted: July 10, 2012 at 2:09 pm

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4 thoughts on “Lost chargeback despite shipped item
  1. Andrea on

    “Paypal said they did their best to dispute it” lmao they did absolutely NOTHING!! Paypal will not do anything to aid you in the chargeback investigation other then making sure they got their own ass covered. They will never go against the credit card company’s decision. This is something you will have to learn to live with if you are planning to keep using paypal. It can get very costly for you

  2. Khloe on

    See this is the thing about paypal they do not have your back. If you were processing with a real merchant company they would have given you a chance to fight the charge back. If it was fraud you would still have your money. My suggestion is to get the hell away from paypal and go with a reputable company

  3. LIam on

    Just want to let you know it’s not the credit card company that took the money from you it was paypal. The thing is anyone can file a charge back. I know with a real processor if a charge back is filed you are notified and given a chance to fight it. Paypal doesn’t give you that option. They say they will “fight” it for you but that’s a bunch of BS. As you can see from what happened in your case

  4. joe on

    It best worse. Through my deep investigations i eventually tracked down he credit card company in my case. American Express. They told me that they NEVER SEE YOUR CASE. Itr is all handled internally by Paypal. They have a team of paypal employees that study amex rules and they decide based on those rules. There is no fight. There is no credit card company. paypal took my 5grand. Yes $5000. i will post the full story but just wanted to add to this thread