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Lost Money From PayPal

By Jeanette Jacobs

I have had a store on eBay for a few months and have PayPal as well. I have a cookbook and for a few months was doing really nicely.  I was not making huge sums of money but it was steady.  Recently, I started receiving weird e-mails telling me that my bank had contacted them and that they needed to verify my account number etc. which I immediately reported.  Then, on June 2nd, $116.66 was electronically removed from my checking account.  The bank cannot tell me what it was for except that it was from PayPal.  I was not informed or told about it from PayPal and I certainly did not authorize it. 

I was first told it was for a purchase, which I never made, then I was told it was for fees, which I know nothing about.  At the same time, I received e-mail from eBay telling me that they had suspended my store and registration etc. because of what appeared to be activities, and they were investigating the matter.  I sent them a check of $148 which they cashed abd said it was for advertising etc.  So now they have taken almost $300 from my checking account.  I have written maybe a dozen times to them, asking for an explanation, no response, cannot find a telephone number and meanwhile I still have no store or access to any account etc. 

Can someone please tell me what I do now?  I have tried everything.  Live help does not even work, and I am about to cancel my eBay altogether.  I am really worried they will pull this again.  Thank you.  Any advice welcome

Posted: May 7, 2012 at 12:56 pm

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3 thoughts on “Lost Money From PayPal
  1. brent on

    It’s called ebay fees, everybody pays them. 9% of final sale, it adds up. Sorry you had to find out this way

  2. Tai Vo on

    I had $25.00 in my American Express Gift Card. I have been trying to purchase an item cost 0.90 cent in eBay but it would not let me. I tried 5-6 times but still receive the same error. After when I went to check my balance in American Express Gift Card online. Paypal inc mark- purchase with avs -$1.00 four times. Then I went on eBay to check. And I seen that my purchases had succeeded that cost 0.90 cent. I lost about $3.00. I only have $21 left without buy only one item cost 0.90 cent. I think that is an error. So i would like my money back. Can you guys tell me why I lost my money. Thank you for your help!

  3. abdul muqkhalis on

    I lost my money account bank hong leong