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I lost everything with PayPal

My Paypal account has been suspended permanently while i have over $45000 in the account. 1st they set an account limitation on 10th of June 2014 to verify my account and verify that i won the product that i am selling on ebay. then after chasing for long with paypal, i received a call that they would remove my limitation but i will have to first fix all my claims.
I have then provided all the information that paypal has asked on-time to get all the claims sorted. still again they take long time to resolve all the claims.
now today they have permanently frozen my account and i have a balance over $45000 in my account.
Now i dont get my money back for another 6 months and i dont know what they will do after 6 months.
I need some help as my business has stopped and i lost everything.
I need to find out how can i get my money back.

Posted: July 10, 2014 at 5:55 pm

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