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Low Life Thieves

By Mike

Paypal put a deposit $450.00 in my acount,for somthing that sold,then took it back out of my account with out saying anything to me, then they said I have to pay for a charge for handeling the problem, and the problem was that the person useing the crdit card was not otheried to use the card. If anyone would ask me about paypal or ebay, now that paypal is owend bay ebay,I would tell them not to use there service,and that they would be taking a risk. The account that I set up with paypal over two years ago has been locked and that happened about two weeks after I opened the account,it remains that way to date: yes theres know dout in my mind at all that the hole opperation of ebay and there paypal are lowlife theves and it is a real shame becoause the world wide web internet is a wonderfull tool if it were used like it was intended.

Thanks for what your doing about it,


Posted: May 9, 2012 at 5:27 am

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2 thoughts on “Low Life Thieves
  1. SHIRLEY on

    Paypal froze our business account due to suspicious payments we were making. They did this to safeguard our customers. The suspicious payments were to a on-line shipping company we use to send customers orders out to Europe and overseas

  2. Patricia Hotalen on

    By the time thieveBay and PayPig get through nickel and diming sellers to death it’s not worth it to sell anything through this sorry mickey mouse outfit. No wonder they enjoy themselves, they screw sellers and buyers at both ends.