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Made A Big Mistake

By Alfredo

An april fist i sold a laptop with ebay for $1350,due to my inexperince as a seller, i send item to the philippines,but before that, i call paypal and i ask them if the credit card was correct they told me not to worry about it cause once money is in my bank account is no way they will take out, so i believe on them, and ship item. yesterday i receive an email from paypal telling me that the credit card was stolen and they will send money back to the real i had a negative balance and they even remove $250 from my account,yes i did big mistake,but paypal should have some responsability too cause they did take a stolen card not getting proper authorization,cause if they check id like in the stores nothing like will happen,card have names and numbers and if person who is paying don;t macth how you will take a card? paypal is suck and don’t protect nobody.

Posted: May 8, 2012 at 1:20 pm

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