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Trying To Make Ends Meet

Writer Wishes To Remain Anonymous

I decided to sell a few items I had on ebay to make ends meet. Nothing to large, but everything I had that was valuable totaling about $3,200.  The day after my auctions ended and most of the money for my items was in my account, paypal froze it, and ebay closed my account. 

The email I recieved from paypal said that they had frozen my account because of “suspicious activity” and would consider unfreezing it when I filled out some info for them. Well my account was already verified with a checking account and credit card so I didn’t know what else they could need. When I looked in their resolution center to see, they wanted my social security number, they wanted to perform a credit check, they wanted a copy of my drivers licence, and multiple other things including tracking numbers for the items I had just sold.  I didn’t understand why I should have to give this 3rd party company my personal info to use for whatever purpose they wanted. I asked them and they informed me (through computer generated email) that that was the only way they would even consider unfreezing my account.  I guess it doesn’t matter anyway.  I wont ship the items.

I sold for fear they won’t unfreeze my account and I will have lost that money, so I emailed everyone and told them to file disputes to get their money back because Paypal won’t let me give refunds either.  I guess they want to keep the money to themselves.  Needless to say that was alot of money to lose.  And now I have no other way to sell it online and make the same kind of profit.  I cannot open another ebay or paypal account, and don’t think I would if I could.

Posted: May 7, 2012 at 11:14 am

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