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Mastercard expired and Paypal wouldn’t let me get a new one

Well, i had a good going with paypal, i only had one account, and i was working with the debit mastercard card, well my card expired, i have to say that i don’t have a SSN, but i do have US bank account as a foreigner investor, but that didn’t work, they did not allowed me to have a new debit mastercard because of the social security number, fortunately i did not have my funds blocked, but i had to over and over overcome lots of limitations that they were putting to my account every time i was sending money, so it was damn annoying.

Then i decides to open another account and i think i took too much time on requesting the debit card again, on the new account, cause the form that had to be filled, to request it, it did not have a social security letter box, now they have changed their web design and inter-phase,so when i finally found the form to request the card, surprise! the SNN letter box was there again. So i guess after reading lots of opinions here in the website, i think i could of got the card and everything but probably they would deactivate my account later or something alike. It seems to me that maybe trying with another account, but i would have to again link a new bank account and stuff, so i dont really see if that would work honestly. i have my bank account debit cards so what the heck i guess.

Posted: July 16, 2014 at 6:11 pm

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