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About a member of the PayPal staff

This incident happened at 3’0 clock to 25 past 3. This male paypal staff member was being slightly funny with me in a fedup way so then I went mad back at the staff because this question that this staff member told me was very annoying and it gets to my head. this male staff member asked me about this old card number that I had from along time ago and he threatened that this problem about the item from AliExpress that I’ve ordered 3-4 weeks ago that he is not going to help sort it because he wanted my very old card number but I have not got it anymore because that old card I used to use is being expired and I do not know the number of it and he forces me to tell him what it is and then I got really mad at him and I said to him that if you is going to go on like that towards me then just leave me alone. then he threatened me by saying that he is going to end this call so then I hung up on him fast as fast as I could before he dose it. I would like is male staff that I was spoken to today at 3’0 clock was to leave me alone for good. Any time I’m ringing or phoning Pay-pal I do not ever want to hear his voice on the phone to me again. I want this male staff is to leave me alone and to stay away from the phone. I do not know his name but at least I have spoken to Will about one of his colleage

Posted: June 13, 2014 at 6:59 pm

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