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Made some minor updates to my account and paypal thinks I am Suspicious

I buy and sell on EBay and have only had minor problems in the last 10yrs, until now. About 4 months ago I changed my primary funding method from my bank account to Bill Me Later, which allowed me discounts on purchases. I currently have a balance of about a half of the Bill Me Later credit limit. On my Pay Pal account, which is verified, I had 4 credit cards and of course my bank account as alternative funding sources, plus a small amount of money in my PayPal account. On 11/2/2012 I needed to send my daughter some money to cover some preliminary wedding expenses which was quite urgent. I then decided to change my primary funding source back to my bank account for instant transfer. While in my profile doing this I decided to remove 2 credit cards as funding sources. One of these cards was not valid anymore because I canceled it and the other I just dont use.
I then proceeded to initiate sending her the money which appeared to be fine. About 45 minutes later I received an email from a seller that he had accepted an offer I had made on a quantity of laptops from EBay. I then initiated payment via PayPal, leaving my primary funding source as my amply funded checking account. Both the mentioned transactions took place and appeared to be fine before Noon CST on 11/12. At 3:26pm my PayPal account was limited, my PayPal debit card deactivated and the transaction to my seller reversed. The transaction to my daughter was actually just put on hold. I received an email stating that all this was done because they there appears to be suspicious activity on the bank account associated with my PayPal account. Tried to find a way to access more info on the problem but ran into a deadend on Pay Pal’s web site.
The primary question I had was, “How do they know what is going on in my bank account whether suspicious or otherwise?”. I telephoned customer service, went through all the foggy details that I was able to extract from the emails, my account page and explained to them about the changes in my profile. I then asked them how how they would know about activities within my bank account, which of course went unanswered. The rep then said that my bank hadn’t responded for the request for money. Now to late in the day to find out why my bank had not responded to the request for instant transfer, and how PayPal determined that I had “suspicious activity” on my bank account. Saturday, 9:30am 11/3, my bank service department is open until noon. I called my bank. They verified what I already knew. They can not give any infomation as to the activity on an account other than “yes I have an account”. Obtaining activity information is only available to law enforcement via warrant.

My bank said there have been no requests for transfer or other account access. Nothing! Things are still in limbo until I can figure out the next step.

Posted: November 6, 2012 at 5:52 pm

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One thought on “Made some minor updates to my account and paypal thinks I am Suspicious
  1. disgruntled customer on

    somthing as simple as changing card confuses them, they have 5 sucesfull approved transactions but yet wont confir card, thats why since ebay bought paypal there are About 22,400,000 results for why the new paypal sucks , losing 22 million customers a year is not sustainable … paypal ad ebay the new troubled teen of internet, and i thought yahoo fell fast on stock markets investors beware this is just how yahoos decent into small time internet player happened ignoring customers complaints. watch how fst paypal falls. congrats ebay you messed up a great compnany ! hope you have fun watching your stock fall like a drunken bear