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Misery Loves Company

By Amy

Well, after reading all the other stories the saying misery loves company comes to mind. I too, was a Power Sellar on eBay when my account suddenly got limited with no way to access my funds. I thought I would be smart and open another account…boom same thing happened. I even got them to admit they can tell what computer actually accesses accounts. When all said and done they left my decent customers high and dry until they decided they wanted to give them their money back. I have lost so much sleep over this you can not imagine.

The thought of anyone in this world thinking I was a theif which is exactly what they think and I would to if I did’nt understand what was going on. The emails I got from people..I felt so bad adn none of them belived me. This is a nighmare to the good honest people in the world and I was caught in the middle of this disaster. BEWARE everyone this could happen to you.

Posted: May 8, 2012 at 6:38 am

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