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I am going on a mission to bring PayPal down!!

Sold an engine to a clown in ND he suggested we use Scam Pal. paid me, PP took their fees….I took 800.00 and transferred it to my bank, left some money in the PP account. guy receives engine… complaint! puts it on a hoist (his own words) that night. Claims in the am he noticed the engine had cracks and a chunk out of it. There is no way he would not have seen this when he removed it from the box.

Files a claim with Scam Pal they take all the rest of my money and put a negative 800.00 balance on my account till they can investigate. 3 weeks later after i sent them pictures of the engine before it left and emails from this clown claiming he had it on a hoist to clean it. They determine if he sends it back BROKEN he gets a full refund. I can hold my hand on my ass as far as PP is concerned. I am going on a mission to bring them down!!

Posted: February 18, 2014 at 5:52 pm

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