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Someone made a mistake and I have to pay

I just had to write this after dealing with Paypal, and their “great” account practices. While on vacation recently I was traveling with my PayPal Debit cared which I had a few thousand dollars on. Somewhere during the trip, I tried to use the card for a gas purchase. The authorization was placed for $100.00, but it did not let me pump the gas, so I tried again, where it again placed another $100.00 hold on my card. A few days later I noticed this amount missing from my account. Well after a week, I saw the money appear back on my card, so as most anyone would, I used it, assuming it was my cash. Well Not So!

After another two weeks, I received a letter telling me they had overpaid me with these debits, and the gas company had also posted two $100 credits as well. The numbers did not add up, so I contacted the company where we went through the transactions after a number of individuals agreed, but had no power to do anything about it. Finally a few days more, I got another letter justifying their position and stating there were some missing entries, which they told me shows I now owed that $200 as over payment. Upon my new view of the transactions, they had added additional entries to justify their position.

So now I am being sent collection letters to collect the over payment. It is obvious to me I have no choice but to pay this, but I am convinced they are just covering their butts because someone mad a mistake and feels it is just easier to get it from me.

I will never use PayPal again, and would recommend you not either!

Posted: August 31, 2012 at 3:42 pm

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One thought on “Someone made a mistake and I have to pay
  1. frankie on

    paypal charged me 3 times for one item and then when i didn’t have the money in my paypal account and refused to correct my negative pp balance they sent me to collections. I havent used paypal since and i refuse to pay for something i don’t owe. I requested that the collection agency verified the debt to me and never heard from them again. I refuse to be bullied in to paying something that i dont owe