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Money And Corruption

By Suzanne

i have been in touch with a lady fromthe u.s.a.trying to buy  some old late 60′s music for a friend. we have only been online for 3 months so are almost ‘pc’ illiterate, e -mails no prob, google surfing no prob, but yes we are still going to that place where we are tearing our hair out as nothing is happening, only to find we are not plugged in! there must be many people out there like us who are ‘unaware’ of this paypal crowd. the person  in the u.s.a. wants me to pay her paypal, so…. i thought o.k. just type in the word and check it out. well…. good job after  seeing this site i will go the snail post way, slow but sure , no con! thanks a million, suzanne, in dublin ireland. money and corruption huh? what a bunch of w*****s!

Posted: May 8, 2012 at 10:49 am

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