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Money Falsely Accessed

Writer Wishes To Remain Anonymous

On June 26 someone illegally accessed my PayPal account and made a withdrawal request..a HUGE amount. I contacted PayPal through email as soon as I found out a few days later (the bank didnt have the funds, so the request was denied and I was notified through email). I got a very generic email reply from PayPal (what a surprise there). So after emailing them a few more times, I went searching with a fine toothed comb for a telephone number (you aren’t kidding when you say they hide it well). I called, the customer service representative had very few words to say and said I needed to print up a claims form. So off I went and spent $30 on an ink cartridge that I didnt otherwise need. Printed the form, sent it in. Days went by, no response. I ended up calling again, talked to what sounded like the same uninterested rep. He said I would get final notification within 1-2 days on whether the transfer would be cancelled. No response. So now here I am, around $700.00 stolen from me and I am in financial hell with no money to pay for rent or utilities. I’m disabled and only get social security. Did you know that the illegal transaction was made on June 26th BUT it didn’t process until July 9th!!! (Due to the fact that the first several automatic attempts only hit my empty bank account, so they eventually went to my credit card).

PayPal had almost TWO WEEKS to stop this transaction and they did nothing. I am so frustrated right now. I recommend that NOBODY use PayPal at all. They do absolutely nothing to help you even when they have plenty of time to do so. Right now I am just waiting for a miracle. Otherwise, it looks like I will have lost out $700. Believe me, the tears have fallen and more are likely to come, I’m sure. And somewhere out there someone is laughing over their newfound fortune and not thinking twice about what it has done to me.

Posted: May 9, 2012 at 5:19 am

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