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Money hold on an 11 year old account

On Dec 4 2012 I bought a used cell phone on EBay for $29.88 and paid for it using PayPal. On Dec 7 the seller notified me that he had dropped and broken the phone so we agreed to cancel the deal and he sent a refund via PayPal. PayPal placed a hold on my $29.88 so I called them to complain as I was in the process of buying a replacement cell phone and money was tight just before Christmas. The PayPal representative was very upset that I would complain. The hold was kept on my money for another week. I sold a new cell phone on E Bay on Dec 19 and the buyer paid for it right away. Upon going to the PayPal site I saw a note that my money $99.01 was on hold for 21 days or longer. I need that money for food for my family for Christmas. I have 2004 POSITIVE FEEDBACKS on EBay and have not had a problem on PayPal with my account that I’ve had for more than 11 years. I did find a statement on PayPal that might say why PayPal is holdong people’s money: “They invest the money that they have belonging to customers and earn interest on that money which they keep.”

Posted: January 2, 2013 at 7:43 pm

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