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Money Transfer via Paypal

Ok. Look. I’ve never gone through so much trouble just to get $15, although I’m grateful this happened because I was about to put a lot more money into eBay/Paypal.

I went to a card shop and sold them some MTG cards for $15. Sounds pretty open-and-shut, right? No, because fuck you, that’s why, I guess. The guy who took them told me I could wait for a check or get the money via Paypal. With a terminal at the ready and the banks closed early (this was a Friday), I figured, “What the hell? If they’re going to bust my balls over less than $20, I’ll at least forgo the bank bull and just get it deposited on my prepaid card.” Sounds easy enough, right?

Cut to Wednesday of the next week. Money still not deposited because the owner manages the payouts, and he was “out of town” until then. When he finally does transfer the money, it goes to my Paypal account. Hooray! EXCEPT . . . !

Except there’s a 3-5 day waiting period on it while they “process” the money, and by process they mean “hold it at gunpoint until they collect interest off of it before allowing me to have it.” $15. 15 measly fucking dollars. $15 that could have prevented me from being late to work for two days and put a pack of smokes in my pocket to boot. (If you don’t smoke, fine. I’m happy for you. Just don’t badger me about it. Who the hell wants to be 90? Do you even know what goes on in nursing homes?)

So during my initial wait, I was planning on just selling my cards and coins through eBay to avoid dicking around at the shop over amounts they could easily just pay out of petty cash. Instead, I was subjected to a double fuckaround, and luckily so, or else I would have never found these things out and lost money as a result. These dicks are anything but your “pals,” that much is obvious.

Posted: February 26, 2013 at 7:04 pm

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