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Moneypak Issues with PayPal

So today I have to pay someone 20 dollars to buy something of theirs directly from them online. To do this I need to transfer money to them through Paypal since they are in Canada and I am in the United States with no other alternatives. Having cash but no money in my Paypal, I went to my local Walgreen’s to get a Moneypak card.

Once I got there, I bought the card and put $45 on it. There was a $4.95 “service fee” so it added up to $50.

When I got home, I went onto my Paypal and selected the “Add Money with Moneypak” option, and it took me to Moneypak. I filled out the number on the back of my card, and gave a security code.

The next page asked for my name, date of birth, address, and my social security number. I was a little wary about my Social Security Number but I’ve heard Paypal and Moneypak are extremely secure so I finally gave it.

However, when I clicked continue, I got an error message. “We were unable to verify the information you provided. Please confirm your information is correct and try again.”

I checked all of my information, it was all correct. I tried again. Same message. I tried this several times until I gave up. I called Paypal. The lady who answered told me that all of my information was showing through and everything was correct on her end, so I should call GreenDot because it would be their problem, not her’s.

So, I called GreenDot. At this point I started to receive a different error message when I would try to input my information:

“Account Identification Summary

We were unable to verify the information you provided. As a result, you will not be able to use the MoneyPak to add money to your PayPal account. You have the option to:

-Request a refund
-Learn how to use this MoneyPak to pay a bill or reload a card”

Angry, I went back to the Walgreens where I paid the fifty dollars and I told the same lady who had helped me buy the Moneypak, the manager, what the problem was. She got frustrated that there was a problem because she’d never seen the problem before, and because she was angry like me, /she/ called Moneypak to see what they would say.

They told her that I had to wait an hour and then try again, and that my information was all correct and the $45 /is/ still on my Moneypak card and I just need to try again. So what do I do?

I go all the way home, wait, and try again. Same. Problem. So I called back again and still lots of confusion, and I swear by now I’ve talked to at least ten different people.

I had two different accounts, and I decided to close one of them completely and open a totally new one with my credit card because you can only have two accounts for one Social Security Number.

So I finally got the oldest account closed and the newest one set up, and I went to try again with the Moneypak on the new account to see what would happen.

This time I didn’t get an error, there’s been no questions about verification, but instead I got this:

“Add Funds Error

We apologize for the inconvenience. Customers may only have two PayPal accounts associated with their social security number. Please use this MoneyPak to fund one of your two existing PayPal accounts. Log into one of your two existing PayPal accounts. Or click here to Request a refund.

-Go to My PayPal Account
-Request Refund”

I don’t want to request a refund, I owe this money /tonight/ and I need it in my account. I called back another two numbers and tried again and still nothing has been resolved. Someone asked me what browser I was using, so I told her Google Chrome. She said there was an issue with browsers that weren’t Mozilla Firefox, and that I should switch to Firefox and try again. So I had to bypass my computer’s security, download Firefox and go through the whole process again and still nothing has been resolved. The only thing I can think to do is send cash through the mail and request a refund, but sending cash through the mail can be dangerous, and I owe this money /tonight/, as I said, and need to somehow get this resolved.

I am so frustrated tonight I can’t think straight anymore. I’m exhausted, I’ve been running around wasting gas money, I have 45 bucks on a card I can’t use, Paypal hasn’t helped anything, Moneypak hasn’t either, and I have no way of paying this person other than this method right now and I can’t do it.

I have the worst headache because of this and I’m stressed out and tired and I am never buying Moneypak or trusting Paypal with issues like this again. I’ll figure out another way to pay people from now on.

But for now, I need help with this and any information I could get would be wonderful.

Posted: August 29, 2013 at 4:34 pm

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2 thoughts on “Moneypak Issues with PayPal
  1. dylan on

    I had the same exact problem… except when I tried entering a 2nd time it said my refund was successful!!!? I didn’t want a refund so I called and they told my theres nothing they can do… green dot moneypak is just a scam, needless to say I hope the BBB can do something about it… damn scammers.. I put $75 on it but spent $80, I want atleast $80 back, and maybe some more for emotional distress and wasted time/gas.

  2. Kristin on

    Same here. I’ve been fed up for the past few days with this and it’s ridiculous. It’s a scam and a ripoff to tell people they’ll instantly have this money, then give them so many issues it makes them want to slam their head into a wall. I’ve never had a problem til I bought a moneypak card. Never again will I buy another. I didn’t pay as much as either of you, but it’s still money down the drain since they don’t know how to help people get it into their account.