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Most Unhelpful People

By Steve

Hello, I had a buyer for a large item that I sent to him UPS.  Already within a few days of the auction closing, he was getting really demanding.  I was afraid of risking negative feedback (which i got anyway) by simply refunding the money and not dealing with a difficult buyer.  ( The signs were there!)  I sent the item after lots of difficulty with its size.  Most shippers would not accept the item.  Thinking all was well, I threw away the shipping receipt.  Nearly 4 months after the item was shipped, Paypal took all the money from this transaction out of my account….$216.

They claimed that I never responded to the complaint.  I NEVER new about it! They sent al the emails to a dead account.  Even though I had more than one email listed in the account, they only sent to one of the addresses….the wrong one.  So they took the money out, and when I called them, they were the MOST UNHELPFULL PEOPLE.

Without any regard, they just take money.  I will never used paypal to accept money again. they also can’t help me when I tried to confirm my account.  I agree with the other.  No more paypal.

Posted: May 8, 2012 at 6:42 am

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