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Never ever move if you want to keep your Paypal account

I was living in Australia and opened an account there, and for many years used it with no problems. Then I left Australia and moved to another country, but still used my Paypal account.

One day they decided to freeze my account because of too many overseas logins. I was required to provide ID to verify my identity, and then they would reinstate my account.

However they refused to accept my ID, and said that I must meet their 100 points of ID for Australia, which included giving a utility bill from an Australian company showing me living at an Australian address.

I told them I had left there and would not return, but they said that it didnt matter. Since I had opened the account, it was an Australian Paypal account, so I must meet their requirements.

Basically I had to move back to Australia, set up a house there, wait 1 month for a bill to come, then move back overseas.

I said fine, I will just close my account then. Please send the money to my Australian bank account (which was still open). But they said no, and that they would keep my money until I gave them the ID they require.

This is theft – plain and simple. So pissed off with these fraudsters.

Posted: January 13, 2014 at 8:45 pm

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