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Multiple Amounts Taken Out Of My Account

By Terry Vega

I got interested in ebay auctions about 2 months ago. I set up through paypal to pay for the items I won. Paypal said I had to be verified. So, I again gave them access to my account for protection purposes. Everything was fine until I had made numerous purchases from several fabric vendors(approx.4)and paid them through paypal.

I noticed a couple of days later when I checked my account history that the same amounts were coming out of my account 3 and 4 times. I panicked because that was my personal account that I watch closely and only keep enough in that account for what I need at the time.

We have a business so I transferred money into my personal account to cover what was happening because I was in the minus and getting numerous NSF charges. I started emailing Paypal through their “contact us” for help and to stop the multiple charges. They would email back with really stupid answers practically what I had told them.

I was then put off to other Departments who then put me off to other Departments. I was very frustrated because no one would give me an answer as to why this was happening. Then finally one message said “I” must of done something! I emailed a reply to NSF messages on my email from paypal to “please” not put the NSF items back through my account as they were multiple charges for the same thing. NO RESPONSE!

All they would say is the items would be represented in three (3) days and to please deposit money in my account to cover. I emailed all of the vendors and told them to please look at their account history and to put refunds through paypal back to me. One vendor put through 2 refunds and another vendor put back 1 refund. Another could not get the refund to work so she emailed me she was sending a money order. I did receive the money order. The fourth person has not responded to 3 personal emails and 2 emails through their vendors site with no response. That person owes me 2 refunds.

I am very dissillusioned with paypal and I am closing my account information with paypal. I finally reached someone in customer service via the telephone. The first representative hung up on me. I called back and demanded a supervisor. The lady then asked why and I told her I had been hung up on. She then tried very nicely to resolve the problem. I did get the refunds from the two customers put back in my account. But this still does not resolve the rest of the money or that the company will not take responsibility for errors.

I tried to tell them that the system is behind on updating accounts. You can hit the “pay now” button to pay for something and check a few days later and it will still say “pay now” as if you have never paid. I told them they need to update everyday. Of course no response. There is also an amount taken out of my account for a strange amount that does not match up to anything I bought, I have emailed them over and over to please tell me what this is. No response.

I will never use paypal again as long as I live. As far as I’m concerned they do not care about their customers. It is the worst service I have ever seen and I will continue telling everyone I know about how horrible paypal is. STAY AWAY! P.S. If you look at the paypal site you will see it is an ebay company. I emailed ebay itself. No response. I will continue fighting for the rest of my money and against wrong doing from companies that think they do not have to answer to anyone.

Thanks for listening.

Posted: May 7, 2012 at 6:10 am

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