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Multiple PayPal Problems

By Steven Mcquaide

hi,thank god for your site!! ive been with paypal now for 2 yrs coming up and put alot of money in they pockets with their high charges ,but i did not mind as payment were direct and most people seem to have account ,ive always had problems paypal asking me to verify every few weeks restricting my account and all that bull shit they do,until this week ,i noticed alot of my postage was late so a few people did complain to paypal resultion centre although they could see i was refunding people and not just drawing the money out ,paypal decides to limit my account i cant receive or send money ,phoned paypal as i have 2150 pounds in my account they said i need to send invoices for the merchandise i sell and my moneys going to be held till then!!although i cleared my resulition centre refunds up straight away and they can see this on computer!!

what buisness they got in my receitps although i got them, how longs this going to take i  have ebay customers trying pay and refunds to give ,explained this on phone to some very arogant american lady whos customer service was  appalling seems ive been paying 4% for this shit ,hope they not going to keep my hard earned money as i can read, in alot of your cases.thanks for taking time to have a look at my case, and others.dont know what to do about this mightmare come true.

Best regards steve

Posted: May 7, 2012 at 12:59 pm

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