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Must Ruin PayPal’s Name

By James

I have been reading about paypal. I have shut down my account, but ive never had any funds go through it. Thank you! All you guys ought to get together, start a class action law suit. Then people will really listen! It will hit the front page of the newspapers. Make sure the owners names are distributed! Make sure these people know what is going on. Ruin there name(s)!! This is riduculous and annoying!! If they have ruined your name, ruin theres!!!!!!!!! I hope you paypal people read this to!

By the way if your reading this, why are you on this website. You are not welcome!! Please leave now!!!!STOP reading, make it simple and just leave.( this is to all the people ripped off by paypal)Even though I havent used them at all. I ask myself one question reading these stories. PAYPAL ask your self the same question ok. Why would these people put a website up almost strictly for paypal? It’s simple, you know how the internet works. Therefore I must press this issue into further reasoning! For the change of your policy. AND I HAVENT EVEN CREDITED MY ACCOUNT THATS SAD.

Did your parents treat you right? Or were you hit in the head a few times. In the good spirit of honest business people, you get what you deserve. (to the owners of Paypal do you own a Jaguar or a Mercades, Why would you have the nerve to put your account can be frozen anytime, or what ever your policy says (im to disgusted to read it) at 2;-4h 675y 7u8 section12 row26 colomn65, second word in sentence or what ever it is! Paypal—You dont know me, I dont know you, but I will take this subject to levels never seen before! Not a threat. A very well kept promise to these people who have not recieved any funds, or whatever you say. Lets get some more feed back, and start a petition!

Posted: May 9, 2012 at 5:20 am

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