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My Address Changed

By Ivan

After I opened my PaYPAL account somebody called Bank of America and giving the op. my full profile he asked them to change my house address to a house number in Edmonds.I saw an e-mail from the Bank with subj. confirm your address. As the bank never sends such e-mails and did not have my @comcast adds I did erased it without opening it.

On 6/10 in the morning I checked my Bank Account on the screen and saw two withdrawals of $500 each. My ATM card is one of the fewer that allow wthdrls above $300. My B.acct can also be charged for sums higher than the balance. I called the Bank to stop further withdrawals, and reported to the Bellevue Police. AsĀ  they called me back yesterday, I see they are working on the case. The Bank Online Dept is also investigating. Please call me on the phone as the IPs mentioned in your message can be a great help and I (or you) would tell the BPD.

Posted: May 7, 2012 at 12:35 pm

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