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My Money Is Still Frozen

By Michael

I log on to check on my account and balance and what i see is your access limited to your account means i can recive money but i can send withdraw or recive the money they frozze on my account they frozze 2,000$ that i had on the account i manged to call them and talk to them first few people told me nothing to worry about your account will be open soon i asked whats the problem they said other depertment working on it and they dont know anything they told me they i will get email me with more info.I was very pissed i get an email asking for more ID.they say thank you we got your info but it still not enogh send us more i send them more they send me an email saying we think your account might be releated to another account and you will have to wait for us to invisgate and months passed and my money is still frozzen and nothing i can do to get it back.

Posted: May 9, 2012 at 5:21 am

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