This website is a collection of horror stories, news reports and other information addressing problems with Paypal, Inc..

Banned because my husband was banned

My husband was unjustly permanently banned from Paypal because he purchased a gold coin, which, once he received it, turned out to be counterfeit, so he disputed the charge. Paypal permanently banned him, and even though I had a separate … Continue reading

My business is on standstill because of limited Paypal account

My business is registered in an African country as that is where we source from, and we are a fair trade business trying to do the right thing by our staff. I am British with an address here (travel between … Continue reading

I lost everything with PayPal

My Paypal account has been suspended permanently while i have over $45000 in the account. 1st they set an account limitation on 10th of June 2014 to verify my account and verify that i won the product that i am … Continue reading

Paypal is taking my survey money

I am a Disabled Veteran and I am on the internet most of my waking hours and I enter ever sweepstakes contests giveaways and surveys to win something like a car or a home because I live at a Group … Continue reading

Paypal closed my account down

I have a bed and breakfast on the coast. We have themed rooms one of which has a few whips and chains and done up with fifty shades of grey in mind. When customers book the rooms I ask for … Continue reading

Debt collector sent after me by payPal

Hello ! I am from Romania and in the late summer of 2011 I sold a 2400 $ product with paypal and after I got the money I spent them all. I send the item but I don’t realize I … Continue reading

Don’t be a PayPal victim like me!

I am one of the victims of Paypal! You’re right paypal is incompetent and unreliable. I have withdrawn my money this May 1 2014 and after 7 days sent them email why my money is not yet in my bank … Continue reading

Banned for life

I recently have been banned for life for selling modded consoles(xboxs, playstations) on my website Paypal was my form of receiving payments, I had buy it now buttons all over my website. Well I received a nasty email from … Continue reading

Limitation on PayPal account

I am so sick of PayPal still holding my funds in a ‘pending balance’ on eBay . I can understand when it’s large sums of money but I make less than £10 on most of my sales and they still … Continue reading

Paypal is the most convoluted payment system I have ever used

Paypal is the most convoluted payment system I have ever used. I was prompted to add my bank account information to transfer money to my Paypal account. Paypal showed the balance I transferred was available so I transferred the money … Continue reading